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The record you see is the quarter that the birth was registered in, not when it actually occurred.

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We have found the birth of Arthur Stanley Jefferson in Ulverston in He was better known as the actor Stan Laurel. These are our non-indexed birth records from July to You can search for the birth of your relative by simply entering their name and the year they were born.

How to Access Your Original Birth Certificate as an Adoptee

It is an index of when the event was registered and not when it occurred. As these records are not indexed you will have to search each one to find the name you are looking for. These are our Overseas and Military birth records from to The records are divided in to three categories — army, consular and other which includes Marine and Civil aircraft births.

Seeing Your BIRTHDAY Everywhere? Here's Why...

The consular records include births of British citizens born overseas, whose births were registered where the British consul or UK High Commission were notified of the event. The Army records include the birth registrations of British Armed forces posted overseas.

Once you have found the overseas birth you are looking for you can order a copy of the birth certificate from the General Register Office using the volume and page number, the district and the year, which you'll find in our records. Please note that the certificates you order may not always be as detailed as the certificates recording these events in England and Wales as these events were recorded in other countries.

These have been indexed so if you enter a name we will only show you exact matches in the search results. If you can't find the name you are looking for then broaden your search by searching for the surname only. All site material is owned by Findmypast Limited and should not be used without prior permission.

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Learn more. Ongoing, data collected since Preliminary data on births occurring in Rhode Island are available within one year after the end of the calendar year, including out-of-state births to RI residents. Final data are available no sooner than 2 years after the end of the calendar year.

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Data are sent in from the Rhode Island's birthing hospitals , mother's who deliver at home and any of 57 reporting jurisdictions within the country where a Rhode Island. Adult Adoptees Parents. Vital Records, Center for. We can help you.