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What is “Exaltation”? Why is Jupiter Exalted in Cancer? – Vic DiCara's Astrology

Exaltation is defined as a feeling of ecstasy or extreme happiness, or the act of praising someone highly. YourDictionary definition and usage example. Link to this page.

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Exalted and Debilitated Planets

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What To Watch For Why? The Moon is about to conjoin with Venus this morning. A little about Venus' exaltation in Pisces Why is this the case?

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An ancient Hellenistic astrologer named Antiochus explains as follows, "We say that it is because Hermes is the master of arguments, while Aphrodite is the overseer of desire and intercourse here meaning social, not merely sexual intercourse. That might mean if the moon is in Taurus for you , that you get deep pleasure out of dancing and really feeling the groove of the music. Its general quality is a fixed sign, which means it inspires you to go into something fully, to flesh it out.

Dignity of Planets (Part Uno)

The Taurus energy helps you discover your natural talent. You might find it easy to practice your craft or hobby.

Background: What is a Sign? What is a Planet?

You can get in the zone of work, and take pleasure in making real progress. You are probably excellent at working in a studio or playing a musical instrument. If you were born under a Taurean moon, then you might relish some of the following activities: Giving and getting massages; baking and cooking; singing or dancing; gardening; building structures; considering steps of a plan, experimenting with home aromatherapy, stretching especially the neck , trying new food, fruits, concoctions, cocktails and dishes; making pottery or sculpture; and sound therapy.

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