Horoscope december 1 birthday

There is more pleasure, more excitement, and more growth to experience.

December 1 Zodiac Birthday Horoscope Personality

Doing the same old, same old will not work anymore. Embrace Scorpio energy to find comfort in Sagittarius. Explore spiritual questions and ideas. Explore sensual, sexy moments. Philosophical and spiritual questions will guide you toward growth and greater love.

December 1 - Birthday Horoscope Personality

Love will find its way. Passion Prediction:.

Now is the time to get super selfish. To prioritize your needs, your wants, and your super awesome wild self. This is not bad. This is good. This will help you differentiate between the ideas that are yours and the ones that are droning on from another time. This Saturday or Sunday, pray for this. Ask for help in clearing your mind and opening your heart to your highest purpose and your greatest love.

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Now is your time, Gemini. You struggle to communicate your feelings, and you feel misunderstood.

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But are you really frustrated by other people or by yourself? Your heart is torn between two things. You want the great love and family and a comfortable home, but you also long for a career and satisfying work outside of just family.

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Having a partner is important to you. This is what keeps you from aligning yourself with your ambitions. Love Lesson: Find a way to satisfy every part of yourself and ditch your regrets. The sun squares Neptune, and the Gemini moon convinces you that your thoughts are the same as your feelings.

Happy solar return, dear Sagittarius!

The fiery energy of Sagittarius has you wanting to go, go, go. This can go for new relationships, too. Go out and flirt and have some fun, but leave it at that. Quiet that voice. Your negative thoughts keep you running from them. You have to sever that bond. For real this time. Be alone. Be free. Love Lesson: Make space for love by saying goodbye to old romance.

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Soothe your confused mind by leaning on the people in your life, especially any romantic partner or lover. You may not feel immediately inclined to do this. If you allow yourself to be vulnerable, your bond with your lover and with yourself will strengthen. No one has it all together all the time, and your momentary sadness, anger, or confusion is not weakness. You are not a head case, and by sharing your troubles, you are not creating unnecessary drama and conflict. To achieve true harmony, you must honor your feelings and open up.

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Vulnerability is the path, always. And while the sun, Mercury, and Venus are now out of your sign, Jupiter is sticking around and continuing to give your life a general boost. This weekend, the Gemini full moon amplifies moodiness in everyone, but you know how to handle this. Cut your lover some slack and strive to be the calm in the storm, but make sure to work on releasing your own moodiness as well. Bring balance to your emotionality in order to continue to expand and enjoy this Jupiter year, and to allow your love life and everything else to match the world you see in your dreams.

And in order to open yourself to the great love headed your way, you have to work through your limiting ideas. Saturn and Mercury are working overtime on you. Give yourself permission to indulge this urge. You need some time to process. If you feel ready to spend time with your lover, you are likely in for some great sex, but emotions will be running high, and passions are likely to escalate into fighting.

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Gemini likes to make mountains out of molehills. These qualities make you a highly sought after friend and companion. Your connection to fire makes you as adaptable and changeable as a wild flame. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, which is reflected in your need for adventure, pursuit of truth and natural generosity. It is your unique planetary influence that makes you more likely to pursuit higher learning and unique experiences than the other Sagittarius Decans. As you pursue truth, you have developed a strong value for honestly, which explains why you are also more straightforward and blunt than other Sagittarius Decans as well.

You will always be exciting and appealing to others, as long as you maintain your tact. A Sagittarius born on December 1 is theatrical and flamboyant, with all-too-human flaws. They use their sense of humor to showcase their bubbly personality.